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Ophthalmic Lenses

We accept Health Savings (HSA) & Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA)               


                                       Progressive Lenses  

  We are always up-to-date with the latest advancements in progressive lenses, anti-reflective treatments, Thin high-index materials, blue-light treatments, and digital free-form lenses. We work with several lens manufacturers including ShamirVarliuxZeiss, Maui Jim, Costa Del Mar and more.                                                     Bi-Focal Lenses will be customer ordered.

                                     Single Vision Lenses

  Single Vision Lenses available same day depending upon Rx. Call for Availability.               Prescription Polarized Single Vision lenses will be custom ordered.


                                   In House Finishing Lab

  We Specialize in Customizations Such as Mirrors, Transitions Varieties, Tints, Custom lens Shapes, Custom Clip-ons and specific lens sizing.

 Our in house Finishing Lab allows us to provide the highest quality lenses made into any intricate eyewear. Polarized Lenses and Readers are available same day, Please check for Availability. Lenses are drilled and edged in house by a highly qualified and skilled Optician. 

                      Polarized Lenses
Neutral shade that doesn’t alter the perception of color. Recommended for driving, outdoor activities, everyday use, and light sensitivity.
Reduces visual fatigue and enhances acuteness and depth without altering color perception. Ideal for nearsightedness and cataract surgery.

See better with Anti-Reflective Lenses
Anti-reflective lenses allow more light to reach the eye and reduce ghost images and other reflections for clearer, crisper vision.

  • At the computer, the lenses reduce reflection and glare for easier screen viewing, reduced eyestrain and less fatigue.
  • Driving at night, the lenses significantly reduce the glare from headlights, signs, and streetlights.
  • Driving during the day, the lenses allow you to see the road ahead more clearly and without having to strain your eyes.
  • Your appearance in your glasses is enhanced as well, because the lenses appear thinner and have less surface reflections, allowing your eyes to shine through.
Lens Warranties 
Our warranty covers your Lenses no matter how they are damaged for a full 2 years1 . Just bring us the pieces and we’ll repair or replace them for free, no questions asked.  When you purchase anti-reflective lenses, we’ll replace scratched lenses free of charge once during the first 2 years.  Additionally small repairs, adjustments and cleaning are available free-of-charge, all day, every day for the life of your eyeglasses.
Frame Warranties
Frame Warranties cover Manufacturer defects2 . Please bring us the pieces to help you with warranties and repairs.
The Fine Print

1 Scratch Warranty: Limited to two lens pair replacement in the 24-month period following the date of purchase from Eyes on Broadway. Replacement lenses must be the original prescription and put in the same frame. Must return both lenses prior to warranty work. Two year scratch warranty applies only to lenses treated with all Anti-Reflective scratch resistant coatings offered. Lenses treated with only a manufacturer’s scratch coating are warranted against scratches for one year from the date of purchase and limited to one replacement. Lenses without a scratch coating are not warranted against scratches.

2  Frame Warranty: Limited to one frame replacement in the 12-month period following the date of purchase from Eyes on Broadway. Must have frame pieces and both lenses for warranty to apply. Does not cover loss or theft. Does not apply to non-prescription sunglasses, discontinued, marked down or close out frames.